Home Baker Gift Set

A unique gift to inspire the avid home baker! Antioxidant-rich baking flour in shades of pink to purple to challenge the health-conscious home baker! 1 x 500g of Purple Sweet Potato flour, 1 x 300g of Organic Black Rice flour, 1 x SuperBee Beginner Sets of 3 (Majestical), 1 x non-woven drawstring bag
SGD 45.00

Tea Forte Rejuvenation Gift Set

Rejuvenate someone special with this elegant "tea for one" gift set
  • tags: tea forte rejuvenation gift set halal natural beverages drink tea organic healthy herbal presents birthday anniversary
  • SGD 133.75

    Tea Forte Tea Duet Gift Set

    Give the gift of quiet conversation with the Tea Duet gift set.
  • tags: tea forte tea duet gift set halal natural beverages drink tea organic healthy herbal presents birthday anniversary
  • SGD 201.59

    Hari Raya Gourmet Grandeur Gift Hamper

    Gourmet Grandeur Gift Hamper consists of 10 different products, ranging from Buah Kurma to Basilur Tea and Droste Chocolate.
    SGD 160.00

    Hari Raya Supreme Deluxe Gift Hamper

    Supreme Deluxe Gift Hamper consists of 8 different products, ranging from Chunky dates to Tipson fruit tea and Ferrero chocolates.
    SGD 110.00

    Hari Raya Classic Gift Hamper

    • Date-Licious 1001 Nights Buah Kurma
    • Gurun Emas Habbatus Qurma
    • Daiana Old English Eclair
    • Daiana Sweet Heart Choco Beans
    • K. Harrodson Raspberry Butter Cookies
    • Basilur Tea Oriental Collection 20 sachets
    • Basilur Tea Speciality Classics 20 sachets
    • Empico Seasons of Love
    • All products are Halal
    SGD 70.00

    The Organic Box Business Gift Set

    SGD 168.00

    The Organic Box Well Wishes Gift Set

    SGD 85.00

    The Organic Box Tea Delight Gift Set

    SGD 68.00


    This is the gift set for your third layer of friends in terms of emotional closeness and frequency of contact which typically consists of about 50 people. Here we recommend a flavor combination that has recently become our favorite – fig and cheese. We’ve paired the much loved XO Pag Cheese, an 18-month aged sheep cheese packed with aromas of Pag Island, with an organic fig jam we recently discovered which has an insane 96% fruit content.
    SGD 40.00


    This is the gift set for your second layer of 15 friends who are still very important, but less profound than the core five. Here we suggest a singular indulgent treat – that of the highly aromatic Istrian truffle. We’ve paired our best-selling Tartufata truffle spread with a jar of pure sliced black truffles and a spicy, nutty monovarietal olive oil that complements them perfectly.
    SGD 65.00


    This is the gift set for the circle of your five closest, best friends. You have great affection and concern for them, and maintain the friendship on a weekly basis. Here we suggest a variety of natural food finds you can enjoy together, starting with a 97-point monovarietal olive oil and black truffles from Istria, followed by a gourmet organic fleur de sel and amazing healing herbal tea from Dalmatia.
    SGD 85.00

    Adriatic Fanatic Gift Set

    A taste of the Adriatic from families fanatical about making great natural food.
    SGD 85.00

    The Adriatic Pantry That Black Truffle Magic Gift Set

    You don't need a Michelin star to make amazing truffle dishes with this combo pack.
    SGD 90.00