Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Dual Shiny Lips 10g

A combination of lipstick and lip gloss in one convenient packaging. With vitamin E, it keeps lips moist and healthy!
SGD 26.00

Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Shiny Eye Shadow

A baked dual eye shadow with densely packed talc-free pearl pigment offers different colors for a base and depth, creating a highlighted aura for the eyes.
SGD 18.00

Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Eye Brow

Define your brows with this unique triangular shaped automatic eye brow pencil that makes neat, delicate angles possible.
SGD 8.00

Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Curling Up Mascara 5g

No smudges or clumps, Curling Up Mascara creates a natural lush eyelash curl.
SGD 24.00

Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Volume Up Mascara 5g

No smudges or clumps, Volume Up Mascara smoothly defines and intensify even the sparsest lashes.
SGD 24.00

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Water Proof Auto Eyeliner

The eyeliner offers smooth application for smudge proof, long lasting wear!
SGD 13.50

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Lip Crayon

The perfect hybrid of a lipstick, a balm and a gloss, the lip crayon is perfect for everyday use if you’re looking for that natural tint. Creamy and moisturizing, the crayon also blends smoothly with the lipstick colour.
SGD 15.00

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Color Lip

Create a statement with vivid, luscious lips. Moisturising and lightweight, the lipstick collection comes in sensuous shades of nudes and reds.
SGD 22.50

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Multi Cheek 6g

Compact with a brush and mirror, the 4-colour blusher adds depth and contours to your face. Just a touch on your cheeks, chin and forehead and you’re ready to go!
SGD 27.20

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Powder Blusher

Compact with its own puff, the powder blusher contains sebum-control ingredients and pearl essence for a long-lasting rosy glow!
SGD 22.50

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Eye Remover Stick

Silky, greaseless liquid formula gently dissolves eye makeup for precise touch-ups anytime, anywhere! Handy-size makes it convenient to carry around!
SGD 25.00

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Brush Eye Liner

The brush tip and quick drying ink gives you better control. No more worry lines, only perfect winged eyes!
SGD 16.50

Talent Cosmetic BB Foundation Balm 12g

Made from Babassu Butter, the porous powder absorbs excess sebum, eliminating cakey build-up and allows your make-up to last longer. Smooth to apply, the balm creates a clean, natural radiance.
SGD 39.00

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Dual Concealer

2 in 1 concealer with different formula melts into the skin and covers dark circles, freckles and any imperfections on the skin.
SGD 22.00

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Bling Pearl Powder

In loose powder form, the Pearl powder contains micro pearl essence, adding a dramatic illuminating effect to highlight those sharp jawlines. Infused with sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and safflower seed oil, the powder keeps make-up longer and skin moisturised.
SGD 22.50

Talent Cosmetic Royal Jelly BB Cream

BB Cream with excellent coverage of skin blemishes, moisturises, rich in nutrients and protection from harmful UV rays with SPF 36 PA +++. An essential must have beauty item!
SGD 15.00

Talent Cosmetic BB Compact Powder 12g

Infused with sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and safflower seed oil, the BB pact brightens and provides coverage while keeping skin moisturised.
SGD 39.00

Talent Cosmetic Crystal Dia Cheek Stick 8g

Fuss-free, long lasting glow, on-the-go dual blusher. Just glide to apply and brush to blend. Available in peachy pink shades, the cheek stick is perfect to create those dewy Spring/ Summer looks.
SGD 32.00