Novita Back Massager MC108

Novita Back Massager MC108
SGD 498.00

Nefful Negative Ions Knee Supports (SG012)

Negative Ions Knee Supports for Health and Pain Management
SGD 160.00

Nefful Negative Ions Elbow Supports (SG011)

Negative Ions Elbow Support for Health and Pain Management
SGD 130.00

Nefful Negative Ions Dual Purpose Elbow/Knee Support (SG001)

Neoron is a negative ion fibre transformed from polyvinyl chloride. Its ingenious invention and its unique features won the Okochi Award in 1959, the highest honour in the Japanese fibre industry, the Onshi Invention Award in 1960 given by the late Emperor Hirohito of Japan and the Chemistry Technological Award in 1961 given by the prestigious Chemistry Association of Japan.
SGD 210.00

Nefful UV Protection Arm Cover Black (AS020)

Designed to protect exposed skin from harmful UV rays up to 95%.Tested and proven in Japan. The breathable fabric is light and comfortable to wear.
SGD 95.00