Pore Refining Toner

Bellapierre PRECIOUS Sapphires Pore Refining Tonique
SGD 65.00

Skin & Tonic London Mini Rose Mist 20ml

SGD 19.00

Skin & Tonic London Rose Skincare Mist 100ml

SGD 37.00

Beauty Forever Rose Flora Toner • 100ml

Specially formulated to tone, refreshes and tighten up the pores.
SGD 45.00

Beauty Forever Microbac Sebum Control Toner

Specially formulated to tone, purify, remove excess sebum and control the spread of the Propione Acne bacteria which cause pimples.
SGD 72.00

Esse Toner Plus

SGD 79.00

Esse Toner 100ml

SGD 49.00

INNI Youthful Glow Hydration Toner

This alcohol-free toner contains Green Tea, Seaweed and Yeast extracts to clarify and condition the skin, leaving it feeling 'plumped' and glowing.
SGD 51.36

INNI Purifying Botanical Toner

This balancing toner contains Lavender and Tea Tree, and its gentle hydrating formula leaves the skin feeling soothed and fresh.
SGD 51.36