Hydrating AM Moisture Cream

Bellapierre PRECIOUS Sapphires Hydrating AM Moisture Cream
SGD 120.00

CELLidentical Intensive Hydrating Lotion 100ml

Balances skin pH and rebuilds the skin's protective barrier. Skin energiser and moisturiser.
SGD 88.00

Skin & Tonic London Mini Calm Balm 15g

SGD 19.00

Skin & Tonic London Calm Balm 50g

SGD 42.00

Bellapierre Precious Rescue Night Cream 50g

SGD 154.00

Kahina Serum

Extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this organic serum utilizes all the recuperative properties of organic argan oil.
SGD 90.93

BioFinest Aloe Vera Gel 250g

Absorb Fast/ No Sticky Residue - Best Moisturizer For Sun Burn/ Eczema/ Insect Bites/ Dry Damaged Aging skin
SGD 14.95

BioFInest Coconut Oil 500ml

USDA Organic Extra Virgin - Cold-Pressed Unrefined - Best For Cooking, Baking, Skin & Hair Moisturizer (500ml)
SGD 19.00

Beauty Forever H2O Hydrating Gel • 30ml

An oil free moisturizer formulated to moisturize the skin for a soft and supple complexion.
SGD 88.00

Ultra Moisturiser

SGD 119.00

Rich Moisturiser

SGD 109.00

Light Moisturiser

SGD 89.00

Tanamera Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil

SGD 24.00

Icy Hydration Mist

Provides intensive hydration by binding water to plump skin tissue. Refreshes skin, nourishes dry and sun damaged skin. Enhances skin elasticity and radiance.
SGD 72.76

INNI Illuminating Clarifying Cream

This formulation contains extracts of Cucumber and St John's Wort that helps to clarify the skin and gives an instant hydration boost.
SGD 94.16

INNI Calming & Hydrating Soothing Gel

The healing properties of Cucumber, Aloe and Chamomile help soothe sunburnt, irritated or damaged skin, and aids in the natural healing process. 
SGD 72.76

INNI Soothing Hydration Cream

This soothing moisturiser contains Aloe, Sweet Potato and Shea Butter to soften and nourish skin, providing long-lasting hydration to dry and tired skin.
SGD 72.76

INNI Skin Restoration Night Balm

Multi-purpose, soothing salve used as a moisturiser for very dry/damaged skin. Excellent for aiding skin repair after microdermabrasion, laser treatments or plastic surgery. Also great for burns, insect bites, bruising, cuts and stretch marks. 
SGD 83.46

INNI Miracle Glow Age-Defying Cream

An intensely hydrating ALL-IN-ONE advanced moisturizer.
SGD 179.76

Tamese & Jackson Blue Orchid Hand Lotion 250ml

A specially formulated Blue Orchid fragranced, moisturizing hand lotion with a soft orchid and peony top note and hints of patchouli and rose. Contains papaya fruit extract with natural hydrating properties known to leave your skin smooth, supple and soft.
SGD 16.00


Momohime Peach Moisture Gel Cream 30g

Gel Cream with light feeling in use, quickly fitting to the skin, free from stickiness after use, keeping the moisturizing effect for a long period. With subtle peach scent, it excels in persistence of humectant effects, giving plump skin rich in elasticity and softness.
SGD 30.00

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Momohime Peach Moisture Lotion 150ml

Moisture lotion with subtle peach scent. Instantly replenish moisture to hydrate skin from within. Provides moist touch after being used in spite of the touch with freshness on use.
SGD 30.00

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