Baba Meat Curry Powder

This Meat Curry Powder is made up of numerous ingredients.
SGD 2.00

BABA'S Tumeric Powder 125g

A range of hygienically processed and packed spices. Made from the finest quality ingredients from around the world, unadulterated, with no additives or food conditioners.
SGD 1.50

Papa's Grove Organic Oregano

The ultimate Mediterranean spice – with a rich, characteristic aroma and bursting with flavour. Papa’s Grove oregano is a product of organic farming, collected by hand from wildcrafted plants in our hills, naturally dehydrated, and rubbed by hand. The smell is heavenly!
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  • SGD 5.80

    MaMaMi Natural Himalayan Rock Salt (500gm)

    • Natural
    • Regulates water content throughout your body
    • Balance excess acidity from your cells, particularly Brain cells
    • Stabilize irregular heartbeats
    SGD 2.80