Quorn™ Meat Southern Fried Bites

Quorn Southern Fried Bites 8x300g
SGD 5.00

Quorn™ Meat Free Crispy Nuggets

Quorn Crispy Nuggets 8x300g
SGD 5.00

Quorn™ Meat Free Pieces

Quorn Pieces 12x300g
SGD 5.00

Quorn™ Meat Free Mince

Quorn Mince 12x300g
SGD 5.00

Ido Mussels Meat 1kg

Ido Mussels Meat 1kg
SGD 5.40

Belgaufra Liège Waffles (1 Piece)

  • This product is delicious and easy to use
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Wholesalers and the restaurant-hotel trade.
SGD 6.80

Chinatown Molten Lava Cake Raspberry 2BOXES @ $8.00

  • Made with Belgian Chocolate
  • Filled with chocolate and sweet citrus raspberry
  • Halal Certified
SGD 8.00

*SPECIAL PROMOTION* BUY 1KG Cream Puff (Vanilla) + FREE MOUSSE AU Chocolat

1KG Cream Puff Vanilla (Est. 87pcs) + Free Mousse Au Chocolat
SGD 15.90

Amstar Mini Donut Ball 1 Box of 6pcs

SGD 4.60

Amstar Mini Cream Puffs Vanilla 18pcs 215g

  • Imported from Belgium
  • Halal Certified
SGD 5.10

Amstar Mini Chocolate Donut Ball 1 Box of 6pcs

SGD 4.60

Ido Sweet Corn 900g

Sweet Corn
SGD 2.10

Ido Frozen Mixed Vegetables 1kg

Frozen Mixed Vegetables
SGD 1.90

Ido Frozen Shrimp 1kg

Frozen Shrimp
SGD 9.00

Ido Frozen Squid Flower 1kg

Frozen Squid Flower
SGD 6.00

Ido Squid Rings 1kg

Squid Rings
SGD 6.00

Ido Squid Tubes 1kg

Squid Tube
SGD 5.40

Ido Vegetable Spring Rolls 20pcs

Vegetable Spring Rolls 20pcs / pkt
SGD 3.30

Ido Vegetable Samosas 600g

Vegetable Samosas
SGD 3.80

Ido Imitation Crabmeat Sticks 0.25kg

Imitation Crabmeat Sticks
SGD 1.10

Otah Boy Frozen Squid & Fish Otah with Squid Chunks 190g

SGD 3.40

Otah Boy Frozen Prawn & Fish Otah with Prawn Chunks 190g

SGD 3.40

Otah Boy Frozen Mackerel Fish Otah with Fish Chunks 190g

  • Famous, Premium Quality Nyonya Muar Otah
  • Made with Fresh Mackerel chunks!
  • No MSG, preservatives, or artificial flavoring
  • Full of Omega-3
  • Best served steamed, grilled or BBQ
  • Halal Certified
SGD 3.40

Otah Boy Frozen Crab & Fish Otah with Crab Chunks 190g

SGD 4.10

Otah Boy Frozen Clam & Fish Otah with Clam Chunks 190g

SGD 3.40

Ido Breaded Cod Fish Fillet 240g

SGD 3.00

Haagen Dazs Strawberry  473ML X 1

Cream, Sugared Strawberries (30%) (Strawberries (70%), Sugar), Condensed Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Egg Yolk, Water.  *Contains milk and egg ingredients
SGD 19.80

Haagen Dazs Green Tea 473ML X 1

Cream, Condensed Skimmed Milk, Water, Sugar, Egg Yolk, Green Tea Powder (1%).             *Contains milk and egg ingredients.
SGD 19.80