Ziggy Supply Mad Wax

Hair Wax
SGD 22.00

Ziggy Supply Singa Pomade

SGD 22.00

Ziggy Supply Matte Clay

Matte Clay
SGD 22.00

Ziggy Supply Classic Pomade

SGD 22.00

Human Nature Fresh & Festive Gift Pack

For your partner in crime: Keep it Fresh & Festive. Consists of 1 pc. Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo for Men 200ml; 1 pc . Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing bar for Men 120g; 1pc. Natural Hair Shaper 50g. Deep-cleansing bamboo charcoal actives act like magnets to eliminate dirt and impurities. Rid your scalp of dirt and impurities that cause itchiness and flakes with Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo and then keep skin fresh and hydrated with natural glycerin and stay cool with the revitalizing touch of peppermint of Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing bar. Complete the fresh look with 100% Natural Hair Shaper to get texture and definition with nourishing kaolin clay that delivers a steady hold and a polished look. Great for your skin & health. Synthetic fragrance-free. Paraben-free. SLS/SLES-free. Non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin.
SGD 18.90

Philips Shaver

SGD 33.00

Human Nature Natural Hair Shaper

  • No PEG's
  • No Parabens
Men’s grooming brands
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  • SGD 6.90


    SGD 33.50


    SGD 48.00

    U-Care Inspiration Styling Hair Spray

    Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray
    SGD 19.00

    Quincy Hair and Body Mist 100ml (#003)

    Hair and Body Mist
    SGD 24.00

    Quincy Premium Pomade Matte Paste

    Water Based, Matte Look, Stronghold.
    SGD 35.00

    Quincy Pomade Tiki Special Edition

    Water Based, Medium Shine, Heavyweight.
    SGD 30.00

    Quincy Pomade Viking Special Edition

    Water Based, Medium Shine, Heavy Weight.
    SGD 50.00

    American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover

    Daily shampoo to remove build up for all types of hair. Removes even the strongest styling products. Give your hair the maximum in deep cleansing.
    SGD 25.00

    American Crew Daily Conditioner

    With enhanced conditioning properties, our Daily Conditioner stimulates the scalp while promoting the appearance and feeling of healthy hair and scalp.
    SGD 25.00

    American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

    With enhanced moisturizing properties, our new and improved Daily Moisturizing Shampoo will provide moisture balance while cleansing and invigorating hair and scalp.
    SGD 25.00

    American Crew Daily Shampoo

    Shampoo for normal to oily hair and scalp. Using cleansing agents derived from natural resources, our Daily Shampoo helps to break down excess oil in hair allowing it to be gently rinsed away. Sage Leaf and Chamomile extracts provide shine, reduce bacteria and protect hair color.
    SGD 25.00

    American Crew Superglue

    Gel for extreme hold and shine. Creates extreme styles never before possible with high hold, high shine and high definition.
    SGD 25.00

    American Crew Ultramatte

    This medium-hold fixative has a matte finish and moisturizers that improve the hair’s health and thickness. It’s designed to stand up to all the elements, so you get looks that last.
    SGD 30.00

    American Crew Defining Paste

    Medium hold with low shine. For added texture or increased definition. Beeswax provides a natural, pliable hold for various lengths. Wax-like consistency provides a matte finish while still remaining easy to distribute through hair. Defining Paste is similar to Fiber in texture and effects but is easier to use and distribute through hair. It can also be used in hair that's beyond 2'' in length.
    SGD 38.00

    American Crew Pomade

    Medium hold with high shine. Extremely versatile water-based formula rinses clean and offers smooth control with shine. Works well for curly hair and provides a modern, flexible alternative to styling gels.
    SGD 38.00

    American Crew Grooming Cream

    High hold with high shine. Use to create a straight, sleek look or to soften naturally curly or wavy hair with conditioning elements such as aloe vera. Repels moisture to keep styles intact and provides excellent hold and shine.
    SGD 36.00

    American Crew Fiber

    High hold with low shine. Fiber-like, resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish. Works well in shorter hair, 1-3 inches in length.
    SGD 38.00

    American Crew Molding Clay

    High hold with medium shine. Concentrated styling power lets you manipulate hair into any style. Made with natural extracts and beeswax, this unique compound maintains touchable shape and texture. Works well for short styles and those who seek a styling product with a more natural, subtle fragrance. Molding Clay is also a product of choice for those who frequently engage in sports and tend to perspire heavily.
    SGD 38.00

    American Crew Forming Cream

    Medium hold with medium shine. Easy to use styling cream works well for all hair types. Forming Cream provides hold, excellent pliability, and a natural shine. This product also helps hair look thicker and is ideal for easing new users into the potential of styling jar products.
    SGD 38.00

    American Crew Pliable Molding Creme

    Fiber by American Crew for Men - 3 oz Fiber
    SGD 38.00