Delamere Dairy UHT Whole Goats Milk

Delamere UHT Whole Goats Milk, fresh from welfare assured herds. Deliciously tasty natural alternative to cows milk. Easier to digest and an excellent source of calcium. Use exactly as cows milk in your favourite recipes.
SGD 6.75

Nutsi Milk Sippy Strawberry 30GM

Strawberry 30GM
SGD 1.95

Nutsi Milk Sippy Cookie & Cream 30GM

Cookie & Cream 30GM
SGD 1.95

Nutsi Milk Sippy Vanilla 30GM

Vanilla 30GM
SGD 1.95

Nutsi Milk Sippy Chocolate Banana 30GM

Chocolate Banana 30GM
SGD 1.95

Nutsi Milk Sippy Chocolate 30GM

Chocolate 30GM
SGD 1.95

Milkmaid Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk 392 g

Milkmaid is the best-selling sweetened condensed milk in Singapore. No wonder, because it is the best creamer to make your cup of coffee and tea deliciously creamy. You can also use it to whip up perfectly delectable desserts for your family.
SGD 1.80

Ayam Brand Trim Coconut Milk 200 ml

Enjoy Ayam Brand Trim Coconut Milk for a full flavored and rich coconut milk but with 45% reduced fat. It has no preservatives or added sugar and is ideal for making your sauces creamier and thicker. It is perfect to add a delicious and creamy touch to curries, gravies, desserts and more. Ayam Brand coconut cream and milk are also HDC and HFC Halal certified.
SGD 1.00

Ayam Brand Coconut Milk 200 ml

SGD 1.00

Essentia Medica Organik Goat's Milk

  • The Organik Goat's Milk without the "Goaty" Taste or Smell!
SGD 25.00

Royal Miller Evaporated Creamer

SGD 1.20

Royal Miller Condensed Milk

SGD 1.10