GlucosCare Tea (60s x 1box)

Weight Control
SGD 29.75

GlucosCare Tea (60s x 3box)

Weight Control
SGD 89.00

Grayns TORC Rice Cooker 1.9L (Extracts Sugar Out Of Rice!)

  • The first & only rice cooker in the world that takes the sugar out of rice!
  • 1 Year Local Distributor Warranty.
SGD 748.00

Tatgu Siyana SFC Granular Sweetener 50 sachets (Buy 2 or more @ $6.40 each)

  • 100% derived from sugar cane.
  • This special formulated Sugar Flavour Carrier (SFC) sugar enhanced to 4-5 times the sweetness of normal sugar, hence, reducing the sugar usage by 70-80%.
  • Tested with Glycermic Response with result of constant blood glucose. Suitable for the health conscious and diabetic friendly. 
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  • SGD 8.00