Macaron Big Pot (Farmers)

Combining a trendy taste with functionality, introducing Big Pot from the Macaron Family. Primarily built to house your indoor plants and greens, it can also be used to organize small books or DVDs. Doused in retro colours of Natural, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Perfect for house warming gift!
SGD 59.90

Macaron Small Pot (Farmers)

Combining a trendy taste with functionality, Small Pot is primarily built to house your indoor plants and greens, also, it can be used to organize your little things in life. Doused in retro colours of Natural, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Perfect for house warming gift!
SGD 49.90

Miley Foldable Wooden Table (160cm)

SGD 69.90

Miley Fodable Wooden Table (140cm)

SGD 59.90

Miley Foldable Wooden Table 100cm

SGD 39.90

Portable Folding Aluminium 4 in 1 Table Set

SGD 59.90

Kimberly Foldable Wooden Table [Round] (Pink)

SGD 29.90

Multi Level Adjustment HDPE Folding Table

SGD 29.90

Kimberly Foldable Dining Table Ver 2

SGD 22.90

Aluminium Portable Folding Table (180cm)

SGD 44.90

Aluminium Portable Folding Table (120cm) [Blue]

SGD 19.90

Horti Seeds- Cucumber

An excellent quality cucumber—smooth, green-skinned, with sweet white flesh.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Asparagus

Asparagus is not a difficult crop to grow. Once established, the plants are very long lived and keep on producing for many (8 -20 years) deep green colour, cyclindrical spears, tight headedness, green spear tip and scales.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Rocket

An edible annual plant comes from the cruciferous vegetable family. Commonly known as salad rocket and arugula in the US. It is rich in potassium and vitamin C.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Chives

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) belongs to the onion family. This useful and decorative herb will grow with little trouble in indoor windowsill or pots.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Lavendula

Lavender – A tranditional herb which is a hardy perennial plant and widely grown. The crushed leaves have a delightful lemon fragrance and are used in sauces and with poultry, fish and pork dishes.
SGD 2.70

Horti Seeds- Mints

A hardy perennial that will produce runners and quick establish itself.
SGD 2.70

Horti Seeds- Sunflower The Sun

A very easily grown hardy annual. A majestic plant with an enormous with flowers that have bright yellow petals and an attractive golden yellow head and a black centre, blooms on branching sturdy plants.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Chamomile

Quick and easy to grow, hardy perennial plant.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Sweet Corn Super Sweet

This variety produces good size cobs with tip fill.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Cabbage Tropic Cross F1

A very popular variety in the tropics, tolerance to heat and diseases.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Cauliflower Snow Ball

This is a tropical variety that is resistant to warm weather and can be harvested in about 55 days after transplanting.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Hollyhock (Althaea Rosea)

It is a beautiful range of double blooms on sturdy semi-dwarf plants. Its peony-shaped flowers will add beauty to any garden
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Nasturtium (Dwarf Cherry Rose)

Long flower stems reach well above the round, blue-green leaves. The colour is like nothing else in nature. Luminous cherry rose laid over silver satin foliage and the waxy-edged petals are folded into semi-double blossoms.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Salvia Phoenix

SALVIA Phoenix: This Salvia is a really spectacular flower for hot, dry positions.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Vinca (Periwinkle)

Look marvellous in pots, window boxes or mass displayed in your garden. Flowers for months.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Statice

A decorative ‘everlasting’ flower that is prized by many flower arrangers.
SGD 1.70

Horti Seeds- Morning Glory Flashmixed

A quick-growing climbing plant that makes a striking display of beautiful heart-shaped leaves and large trumpet-shaped flowers coloured in blue, purple, pink and white.
SGD 1.70