Self Retractable Measuring Tape

Never have to deal with messy or tangled tape again with this self retractable design! Simply push button to retract measuring tape.
SGD 1.30

Reusable Non Stick Mesh

Sits directly on your air fryer's baskets, frying pans, grill pans, oven trays Allows excess oil to drain off food, making it healthier High temperature resistance and easy to clean Great for using when cooking pizza, garlic breads, breaded fish, meat, etc
SGD 4.90

38 Home Factor Outdoor Furniture Vase Cushion Black

Outdoor Furniture Vase Cushion Black
SGD 299.00

38 Home Factor Outdoor Furniture Vase

Outdoor Furniture Vase
SGD 299.00

Cloud Pot

SGD 16.90

BBQ Smoking Wood - Weber Wood Chips – Cherry

SGD 39.00

BBQ Lava Rocks - Qwell Ceramic Briquettes

SGD 49.90

BBQ Lava Rocks - Barbecook Lava Rock

SGD 32.90

BBQ Fire Starter - Barbecook Long Matches

SGD 12.90

BBQ Fire Starter - Barbecook Lighter Cubes

SGD 7.90

BBQ Chimney Starter - Barbecook Charcoal Starter

SGD 99.00