Cityfoods Raw Frozen Chicken Satay

  • 50 Sticks of Traditional Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
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  • SGD24.00
    SGD 18.00

    Seara Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless 2kg

    Chicken Breast B/L S/L
    SGD 11.30

    Ido Spicy Popcorn Chicken 400g

    Ido Spicy Popcorn Chicken 400g
    SGD 5.30

    Ido Spicy Popcorn Chicken 1kg

    SGD 10.80

    Ido Chicken Tulip Wing Stick 400g

    SGD 5.80

    Ido Chicken Luncheon Meat 400g

    SGD 5.30

    Tyson Chicken Drumsticks 1.80kg

    Product of USA
    SGD 6.30

    Seara Chicken Drumsticks Bone In Skin On (2kg)

    SGD 8.20

    Seara Chicken Wings 80g Up (2kg)

    SGD 9.60

    Seara Chicken Inner Fillet 2kg

    SGD 11.30

    Seara Chicken Leg Boneless Skin On 200g Up (2kg)

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  • SGD 10.30

    Seara Chicken 1000g

    Seara Chicken 1000g
    SGD 3.30

    Seara Chicken Whole 800g

    SGD 3.30

    Ido Chicken Nuggets 400g

    SGD 4.20

    Ido Fried Chicken Middle Wing 400g

    SGD 5.30

    Ido Chicken Mid-Joint Wing 800g

    SGD 7.30

    Ido Chicken Wings 1.8kg

    SGD 9.00

    Seara Chicken Mid Joint Wings 1kg

    SGD 6.50

    Seara Chicken Wing Sticks 1kg

    SGD 4.00

    Seara Chicken Whole 900g

    SGD 3.30

    Tay's Fried Joint Wings Frozen 1kg

    • Fully cooked 2 joint wings
    • Reheat and eat
    • Halal Certified
    SGD 11.50

    Tay's Cheese Chicken Meat Ball Frozen 500g

    • Contains one of the highest meat content in the market
    • Reheat and eat
    • Halal Certified
    SGD 6.90

    Tay's Charcoal Grilled Chicken Yakitori Frozen 1kg

    • Made using chicken leg meat
    • Individually hand charcoal grilled and glazed with teriyaki sauce
    • Halal Certified
    SGD 18.00

    Tay's Teriyaki Chicken Steak Frozen 10pcs 1kg

    • Made using chicken thigh and seasoned with teriyaki sauce
    • Can be enjoyed in a variety of ways
    • Halal Certified
    SGD 16.00

    Tay's Steamed Boneless Chicken Breast 10pcs

    • Healthy and easy to prepare
    • Fatless, boneless and pre-portioned
    • Halal Certified
    SGD 16.00

    Tay's Ikeda Chicken Cutlet Frozen 10pcs

    • Chicken Katsu gives you that authentic Japanese taste at home
    • Made using chicken thigh meat
    • Halal Certified
    SGD 14.90

    Zac Meat - Chicken Ham 200gm

    SGD 3.90

    Chicken Pizza Meatloaf 200gm

    SGD 3.95