Square Dome 30.5x26x16.5Cm

Square Dome
SGD 22.50

Round Dome D33.5 H21Cm

Round Dome
SGD 35.00

Round 3 Section Tray With Cover D19 H10.5Cm

Round 3 Section Tray
SGD 17.90

Round Dome D24 H12.5Cm

Round Dome
SGD 19.90

Square 4 Section Dome 30.5x26x16.5Cm

Square 4 Section Dome
SGD 29.00

Funnel D13 H16.5Cm

SGD 3.20

Funnel D9.5 H13Cm

SGD 2.20

Mixer Jug 2L

Mixer Jug
SGD 12.00

Small Jar 0.11L

Small Jar
SGD 2.60

Medium Jar 0.25L

Medium Jar
SGD 3.20

Large Jar 0.37L

Large Jar
SGD 3.60

Screw Beaker 0.25L

Screw Beaker
SGD 3.90

Screw Beaker 0.33L

Screw Beaker
SGD 4.40

Cereal Container 23x10x23Cm

Cereal Container
SGD 14.50

Juice Container 1L

Juice Container
SGD 8.20

Popular Pack 24x17x8Cm

Popular Pack
SGD 8.00

Savoury Storer 24x14x7Cm

Savoury Storer
SGD 7.20

Picnic Pack 27x20x11Cm

Picnic Pack
SGD 11.20

Wooden Rolling Pin 30Cm

Wooden Rolling Pin
SGD 2.50

Thick Single Tip Toothpick 6.5Cm (500Pc)

Thick Single Tip Toothpick
SGD 2.20

Double Tip Toothpick 6.5Cm (600Pc)

Double Tip Toothpick
SGD 2.20

Red Blossom H3.5" Porcelain Cup (6Pc)

Porcelain Cup
SGD 13.50

Red Blossom Porcelain Spoon Holder (12Pc)

Spoon Holder
SGD 19.50

Red Blossom Porcelain Chopsticks Stand (12Pc)

Porcelain Chopsticks Stand
SGD 14.50

Macaron Kitchen Tissue (Joy)

  • Dimensions: 290 x 150 x 200 mm
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Eco-Friendly Paint
SGD 59.90

WEPOS Stain Remover 0.75 L

For carpets and upholstered furniture. Universal stain remover for gentle, deep and simple elimination of soiling and stain- generating substances. Also removes tiresome and unpleasant odours, refreshes the carpet. Also suitable for textiles.
SGD 20.00

WEPOS Oil Stain Remover 500 ml

Pomodoro Kitchen Timer (Bear)

Use it as a kitchen timer during cooker or as a productivity tool!
SGD 8.90

Animal Hand Towel

These cute towels are made of soft and comfortable material and are water absorbent. Conveniently hang them on your wall to bright up your kitchen or bathroom!
SGD 3.90