Boryeong Real Mud Powder 200g

SGD 48.00

Boryeong Mud Dr 113 Toothpaste

Mud based toothpaste that contains natural mud extract from Boryeong Mud.  The enzyme action provides not only anti-bacterial effect, anti-inflammatory function, but also nutrition which make your gum healthier. Removes bad breath Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory functions Improve gums condition
SGD 8.90

Boryeong Mud Real Mud Mask (10pcs)

SGD 42.00

Boryeong Mud Pure Natural Mud Powder 300g

SGD 54.40

Boryeong Mud Toothbrush

SGD 7.90

Boryeong Mud Dr 113 Plus Toothpaste 120g

SGD 8.90

Boryeong Mud Conditioner 500g

SGD 25.00

Boryeong Mud Shampoo 500g

SGD 25.00